The Business Protection Project


Why was the Business Protection Project set up?

It’s no lie or surprise that everyone is in business to feel the fibres of freshly pressed pound notes ringing in our tills at the end of each day. I could tell you a heartfelt story as to why the Business Projection Project was set up, but the bare faced facts are simple – MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.  It is what keeps us all in business.

If you can answer yes to this next question, then you do not need us.

Could your business survive without money?

Here at the Business Protection Project, we are yet to come across a business that can survive without money. If your business is no different, then you should become part of the Business Protection Project. It is that simple.

Why protecting your most valuable business assets should be at the forefront of your priorities and disaster recovery plan?

The death, critical illness, serious illness or permanent disability of key employees, shareholders and partners, when not fully protected against, can and does have devastating financial consequences to businesses every day.  If you are in business then this should be your first consideration when writing your disaster recovery plan.

Do you know what the cost to your business would be should you lose one of the most valuable people in your team?

How does the Business Protection Project work?

You provide us with key information about your business. We then prepare and present a bespoke business protection plan. This covers four main areas – debt protection, continuity protection, succession protection and relevant life cover.

How much will the Business Protection Project cost you and your business?

We work with leading insurance providers and there is no fee payable for the consultation and tailor-made plan.  The only cost is your time. YOU DO NOT PAY US A SINGLE PENNY FOR OUR SERVICES.

I am only a sole trader I don’t need business protection?

Even if your business is just you, with no employees, then you may still have a protection need. Your business will be assessed in just the same way as any other business. Many self-employed people forget to cover their own income, one of the biggest mistakes. If you are self-employed it is your responsibility as your own employer to provide sick pay. The government may assist you, but statutory sick pay does not go very far.

If you have taken out a personal loan or borrowed any money, including further borrowing against your home, for your business then you should have protection in place. This protection will give your family and your business much need security should the unimaginable happen.

How long is this going to take?

Our initial appointment lasts between 30 and 90 minutes depending on the size and complexity of your business. We try and get as much information from you as we can before the meeting. This ensures that we don’t waste your time carrying out basic administrative tasks and information gathering at the meeting.

How do we get started?

It’s simple, we will make contact with you to book a convenient time to meet, usually at your premises and the project begins. If you are too busy to meet, then we can start the project over the telephone if you would prefer.

When does the project end?

The project ends when you want it to. As your business grows the project continues, we can annually re-evaluate, re-assess and amend your plan as necessary.

Can you afford not to become part of the Business Protection Project?

All businesses are unique and have different complexities. However, the fact remains that the cost to a business when it unexpectedly loses valuable people can have financially crippling consequences.

It is your job to turn your business into a success. It is our job to help you keep it there by protecting the people within it.

What will my plan look like?

As part of the ongoing project, we will assess what your business protection needs are and present our findings to you. Offering you a protection solution sourced from a leading panel of insurers. We will present you with detailed key features documents ensuring you fully understand what you are protecting against, why you need the protection and what the benefits will be to you and your business.

Business protection can be a complex topic but full advice and a professional consultation can help simplify the process. We work alongside accountants and solicitors to ensure that we offer the best solution for your business.

Contact us today and let the project begin.

Is my information safe?

We are a professional financial services business and pride ourselves on our confidentiality policy. We are governed and regulated by strict financial rules and regulations and hold an accredited Data Protection licence, ensuring all your information is kept confidential and secure.

What about my pension and investments?

We work alongside pensions and investment specialists who can assess your pension and investment needs.  There is no charge to you or to your business for this service.